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A Service Plan will enable you to budget for all the scheduled servicing for your vehicle over the next few years.

Service Plans offer a convenient and easy way to budget for your servicing requirements and is tailored to meet your individual needs whether you wish to keep your vehicle for the next 2, 3 or 4 years.  You can choose the best plan for you and you can even make payments via interest free monthly direct debits.

Here is an example of how it works:

  1. You wish to take out a Service Plan for 3 years on your vehicle. North One would calculate the cost of each of the services due in this period.
  2. North One would then inform the plan provider (Emac Ltd or RAC) of your chosen plan period.
  3. You would then discuss with either of them how this would be paid for. You can either pay the full amount up front or via interest free monthly direct debits to the plan provider.
  4. Once your payment method has been chosen, all funds paid be it fully or in direct debit instalments are held with the plan provider.
  5. When North One see your vehicle for servicing, we will contact the plan provider to confirm the service being completed and this is paid directly from your chosen plan. Simple!

By taking a Service Plan you are freezing any cost increases in your servicing over the plan period. This is a great and effective way to save money.

Please ask a member of the service team for a quotation and further information on servicing plans.

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